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Integrating Sustainability across the Curriculum: A Conversation with Nancy Gift

May 13, 2013 No Comments by

“One of my goals at this point is to see a SENS course cross-listed in every program” says Compton Chair of Sustainability Nancy Gift, nearing completion of her first year here at Berea College.  Among other things, Gift and Ashley Cochrane worked on integrating sustainability principles across the Berea College curriculum. The following is a […]

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Wetland Sewage Treatment System Installed at Tyner Elementary School

Dec 14, 2012 3 Comments

Most people don’t know where their water goes with the flush of the toilet. Not so with the kids at Tyner elementary school in Jackson County. That is because in cooperation with the environmental group Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Jackson County Schools, and CDP Engineers, a natural wetlands system was […]

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Students of SENS 215 Foster Visionary Community Projects

Dec 12, 2012 No Comments

The semester ends and so do those hard-earned student projects. But not so for Richard Olson’s SENS 215 course. On the evening of November 14, students of Olson’s Sustainable Appalachian Communities course gathered in the Berea Friend’s Meeting House to showcase their projects and gather further participation. There was an Adopt-a-Potato station, where you could […]

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Fresh, healthful and sustainable: Berea’s local foods

Nov 05, 2012 1 Comment

“I’ve been to a lot of schools and seen a lot of programs and what we’re doing here is really quite unique,” says Cait McClanahan, sustainability coordinator for Berea College’s dining services. She is speaking of the college’s ability to fulfill food needs through the college farm—including returning kitchen waste back to the soil through […]

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Lighting, Fans, and Pool Cover Retrofits

Nov 02, 2012 No Comments

“You can feel the air moving in here” says HVAC and Energy Manager Diane Zekind, noting that the newly installed energy-efficient fans in Seabury’s natatorium have noticeably improved the room’s climate. A part of the fan’s energy efficiency is their size. At 18 feet long, these fans turned on high will send a piece of […]

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